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Living in New Orleans

New Orleans is world-famous for its unique character which reflects the city's historical roots and distinct cultural heritage.  From the progressive restaurants operated by bold and creative chefs, to the vibrant jazz clubs thriving in small neighborhoods, to charming boutique shops and state of the art sports venues, there is always something to see and explore in New Orleans.  


We specialize in apartments in the Uptown Area, the Garden District, the University Area, Carrollton and Old Metairie.   Please explore our considerable inventory of apartments to find the location that is right for you.

New Orleans Neighborhoods

University: The neighborhood is home to Tulane and Loyola Universities and has a distinctly unique feel due to the diversity in age of its population. In addition to the universities, many pleasant coffee shops, antique stores, and restaurants crowd the small spaces between the fantastic homes. Spanish moss-filled Audubon Park is a recreational oasis located nearby. The area is accented by the lively riverbend area and a number of bars and entertainment venues.


Carollton: Originally established as a rural resort community outside of New Orleans, the neighborhood still has a quiet, welcoming charm and affordable housing is prevalent. Oak Street, one of Carrollton’s main shopping districts, still has the look and feel of old New Orleans, while Maple Street offers small stores, numerous coffee shops, boutiques and bookstores in converted Victorian houses. The area is a main thoroughfare of the city, crisscrossed by Carrollton and South Claiborne avenues. In addition, the neighborhood offers fine, inexpensive dining at the end of the main streetcar line and is bordered by the University Area and Mid-City.

Garden District: A close-knit, neighborly and friendly place, the Garden District is also minutes away from the Central Business District, the French Quarter, the Warehouse Arts District, and the University Section of Uptown. Its canopy of oak trees is world-famous, while its characteristic gardens of hibiscuses and crape myrtles make it New Orleans' most beautiful inner-city neighborhood. Today, as in the past, the Garden District is a neighborhood ripe for discovery, filled with architectural gems, magnificent old streets, interesting residents, and a rich cultural heritage. Here you will find lovely historic homes with large porches, fancy trim and wrought iron fencing exemplifying many architectural styles. Neighborhood landmarks include antebellum mansions, historic Lafayette Cemetery, and celebrated boutique restaurants and shops.


Old Metaire: The prestigious community of Old Metairie is a suburb of New Orleans. Its commercial district, Metairie Road, filled with small shops, coffee houses and grocery stores, bisects the area. Though most of Old Metairie is primarily residential it is flourishing with parks, schools and small businesses, making the area a posh and family-friendly neighborhood.


Uptown is the epitome of the gracious, gentle beauty that's defined New Orleans for many generations. Beginning upriver of the Garden District and stretching to Broadway, Uptown New Orleans is a self-contained residential world. Oak lined streets, Victorian mansions, and college cafes are staples of New Orleans' thriving Uptown neighborhood. Picturesque St. Charles Avenue runs through the heart of Uptown and is the main Mardi Gras parade route. Magazine street, a major commercial district, is known for its many locally owned shops, restaurants, and art galleries, and makes for a memorable residential experience.